Dealing With Back Injuries

by Ryan Fiorenzi on January 20, 2013


We received a lot of positive feedback on an earlier post, “How I Ended 5 Years Of Back Pain In 3 Days.”

One thing  that I didn’t address much in that article is massage.

I am a huge advocate of the Foundation program that I wrote about in that post.  However, it doesn’t get me completely out of trouble 100% of the time.

Recently my back got tight, to the point that I was cancelling teaching private lessons.  I did the Foundation exercises, and the pain persisted.  My girlfriend, who used to work as a massage therapist, said most likely the problem is in my hips and glutes.  She gave me a massage, and found huge knots in my glutes.

After that, then pain subsided and I continued to do the Foundation exercises and I was back to normal in a day.

On that same topic, I had tightness in the front of my shoulder for several months to the point that I couldn’t lift my arm over my head without a lot of pain.  She found the problem- knots in the lower part of my scaplula.  After the massage, I started lifting weights again and the pain subsided by 80%.

There are some issues that taking time off will not heal.


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  • Joe

    I just like to contribute to the back pain discussion. Last year I started experiencing constant lower pack pain and fatigue to the extent that I had to quit doing any exercise after just 15-20 minutes as my back would get so tired and achy. I was very concerned that I had a slipped disc or skeletal issues. I had to stop training for a few months while I was trying to work out the issue.

    I went to see an osteopath who explained that issue was with my thighs and hips. My thigh muscles were very tight, causing my back to try to compensate the lack of mobility in my thighs. My abductors were especially tight from Muay Thai and lack of sufficient stretching. 
    He did some massage, acupuncture and functional stretching. That helped a little and I went to work with my PT doing functional training with active stretches, kettlebells and lots of static stretches. 

    It wasn’t until I went to Thailand for a month to train and too daily yoga sessions that I started making significant progress. I did one or two sessions of Ashtanga yoga daily and by the end of my holiday I was back to normal. After the holiday I was like I never had any issues with my thighs and lower back. I could go back to lifting and training without issues. Not only yoga fix this issue, the muscular tightness also affect my conditioning, as my leg muscles would be flooded with lactic acid almost immediately after starting to work out. Stretching them with yoga eliminated this problem too and I could go back to running as well without any issues.

    • Thanks for sharing Joe! A lot of people suffer from back issues, and often only consider drugs to mask the pain, or quitting training.

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