Clinch Q&A: How to Escape the Muay Thai Clinch

by Tom Reynolds on January 23, 2011

Last week during our Clinch Q & A, we received several good questions.

The first question was from Lou Dobb.  He asked,

What is the best way to get out of the Thai clinch?

I just put together a video response showing how to escape the Muay Thai clinch with one of my favorite defenses.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Always have a good base.  If you let your head come down, you won’t have an escape, and it will be practically impossible to prevent him from kneeing you.
  • Once you’re in position to escape, make sure to drive your shoulder forward so that you can break the clinch or have room to pummel in.

Give it a shot and tell me how it works for you below.

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  • Lou Dobb

    I can’t believe you responded Eric.

    Thank you!

  • Eric

    Not a problem. I’m glad you’re getting something from the site.

  • Josh

    This technique is truly effective. Awesome advice, Eric. Thank you!

    • Eric

      Glad you liked it Josh.

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