Classic Muay Thai and Muay Boran Technique

by Tom Reynolds on April 16, 2011

I stumbled across two older videos demonstrating many techniques from Muay Boran and Classic Muay Thai.

Muay Boran is an ancient martial art of Thailand that is the ancestor to Muay Thai. It is known for it’s brutal, deadly strikes. Muay Boran is known as the nine limbed art as it uses the fists, elbows, knees, shins, and, unlike Muay Thai, even the head as a weapon. The stance is much lower and wider that Muay Thai as well.

Here is a great demonstration of the techniques of Muay Boran. There is a lot of gold in here, but also some filler technique. Feel free to turn down the volume.

Now, quite a few classic Muay Thai techniques. There is some great stuff in here. Again, feel free to turn down the audio.

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  • I, for one, am a huge fan of watching oldschool striking like this. It’s insane how effective they were while being so relatively isolated.

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