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Charles Burley – Oldschool Boxing Breakdown

by Tom Reynolds on July 2, 2012

Charles Burley is one of the classical boxing greats. He is known as one of the earliest great counter-punchers that really could tame much larger opponents. Roy Jones Jr is often compared to Charles.

Burley’s boxing footwork, distance control and timing was about as good as it could get in his time. He could really control the pace of the fight and reduce the damage he took even against guys many weight classes above him.

There is only one video of Burley boxing that is nearly complete. The video below is that fight with a great breakdown attached to it.

Boxing Breakdown – Charles Burley vs Oakland Billy Smith

Note – Charles is in the dark trunks.

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  • Dan

    this is a great analysis video…very informative and useful for any fighter

  • Shaila Burley

    Thats my great granpa

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