Dealing With Back Injuries

by Ryan Fiorenzi on January 20, 2013


We received a lot of positive feedback on an earlier post, “How I Ended 5 Years Of Back Pain In 3 Days.”

One thing  that I didn’t address much in that article is massage.

I am a huge advocate of the Foundation program that I wrote about in that post.  However, it doesn’t get me completely out of trouble 100% of the time.

Recently my back got tight, to the point that I was cancelling teaching private lessons.  I did the Foundation exercises, and the pain persisted.  My girlfriend, who used to work as a massage therapist, said most likely the problem is in my hips and glutes.  She gave me a massage, and found huge knots in my glutes.

After that, then pain subsided and I continued to do the Foundation exercises and I was back to normal in a day.

On that same topic, I had tightness in the front of my shoulder for several months to the point that I couldn’t lift my arm over my head without a lot of pain.  She found the problem- knots in the lower part of my scaplula.  After the massage, I started lifting weights again and the pain subsided by 80%.

There are some issues that taking time off will not heal.



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