Uppercut Knockout - Leaning in is a no-no.

Boxing Mistakes: Ducking the Head for the Uppercut

by Tom Reynolds on February 8, 2011

One things that experts in any field can agree with is that fundamentals are the most important thing in any sport. The person that takes the time to learn the fundamentals of something first will pretty much always be better than the person that focuses slowly on the techniques. This especially holds true when someone wants to learn how to box.

In boxing, the fundamentals are even more simple than most sports. Some of the main fundamentals are: keeping your chin down and shoulders forward, always staying in a strong stance, and never crossing your feet.

Even at the higher levels, people in MMA oftentimes ignore the fundamentals. They will oftentimes get away with it too because there are so many aspects of the sport. The problem is, fighters are getting smarter and smarter, and they are breaking their opponents games apart.

Chuck Liddell was known for his looping haymakers. His hands were rarely near his face, and it worked for him until recently. The problem is, fighters with technique and strategy eventually figure them out. Now it’s hard for Chuck to fight a single round without getting knocked out by an uppercut or hook.

In this article, we’re going to show why looking down and reaching for punches can get you in trouble.

Avoiding the Uppercut

The main reason people get caught with an uppercut is because they lean in or look down with their hands away from their face.

Checkout Pacquiao’suppercut at 22 seconds in the video below. As soon as Barrera leans forward, Pacquiao lands a crisp uppercut.

Last, Jeremy Stephens vs. Rafael dos Anjos with an uppercut from outside down the pipe.

Uppercut Knockout

I ran across a few hilarious knockout videos that I posted on the Facebook Page.

Watch The Best Kickboxing Fight of 2010 to get an idea of what a strong stance looks like.

Moral(s) of the Story:  Stay in a Strong Stance, Never Lean In & Chin Down, Eyes Up

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  • Stefan Palmer

    Oops. I’ve definitely made the mistake of ducking like that before.

  • Lou Dobb

    Happened to me last week. Uppercut straight to the face.

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