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Boxers and MMA Fighters: Fish Oil Repairs Brain Damage

by Tom Reynolds on July 7, 2011

Brain damage is a scary thing for anyone, especially athletes in contact sports. Around 15-20% of professional boxers develop boxer’s dementia later in life, and even more suffer other serious trauma to the brain. It’s no joke.

Fish Oil Repairs Brain Damage

  • First Bar is a control group with no concussion.
  • Second Bar (Thick Black Bar) has a concussion with no fish oil.
  • Third and Fourth Bars show a concussion with fish oil being used.

The study recommends 1-4 grams of fish oil per day for combat athletes. Carlson Fish Oil is the top of the line.

Clearly fish oil has a dramatic effect on brain damage. If you are involved with combat sports, you need to take fish oil.


Fish Oil is Key to Brain Repair
Fish Oil for Boxers

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  • Dude

     What about fish oil with no concussion, wouldn’t that be more beneficial?

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