Bocek-Hazelett Guard Pass Breakdown by Eddie Bravo

by Tom Reynolds on December 14, 2010

Here’s a solid explanation of what went wrong when Hazelett attempted rubber guard in the recent UFC. There was a lot of talk on the internet about the rubber guard and whether or not it is effective after Bocek’s easy pass. The rubber guard is just like any other guard.  It’s certainly not the kryptonite that some people would have you believe, but it’s definitely a good tool.  It is especially useful for people with long legs and getting into omoplatas.

Here is a link to the fight from MMA-Core.  Some sick grappling by both of them.

You can skip to 1:30 to pass all of the chatter.

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  • Ron Dubbs

    There’s something about the rubber guard that I never get. It seems so easy for people to slip out. Maybe I’m not flexible enough.

    • Eric

      The rubber guard takes a lot of work, but here are some things to remember.
      -Get a foot on the hip to control their body
      -Always squeeze and use your legs to keep them locked.
      -Fight hard for the overhook. The faster you get their hand on the mat, the faster you will have control and submission options.

      Hope this helps!

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