Black Belt Advice

by Ryan Fiorenzi on December 29, 2012

feedbackIn this post I am going to give you some advice that you may or may not follow, and if you do it, you may not like what you see.

You don’t need to do this a lot, but every once in a while you should record your rolling (or takedowns or any range of combat that you want to see where you’re at.)  Seeing yourself from the outside will give you a different perspective on how you’re doing.  You can see when you are using a lot of strength, when your elbows are away from your body when you are on defense, etc…

The best way to do it is to get two other training partners, and while two people roll, the other person records.  When the round is up, someone else records, and after 3 rounds  you will have video of all 3 people.  If you don’t have a third person, you will often end up off camera and often with the wrong angle so you can’t see what’s happening.

Now most cell phones have video recording capabilities, and many cell phones will give you the quality of a camcorder.  You can upload them directly from your phone to your own youtube channel, make the video private, and give your training partners the log in.    You have no excuse not to try this once!

If you do well on the video, you can be a tool and send the video to anyone that you want to impress!

Feedback is the breakfast of champions.  Get to work!

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