BJJ Legend Shows a Scissor Sweep Finish When Countered

by Tom Reynolds on April 13, 2011

The scissor sweep is pretty much the first sweep from the guard that most beginners are taught.   With modifications, it can work well for any fighter or any Jiu-Jitsu player from white to blue to black belt.

Because the scissor sweep is such a common technique in BJJ, there are a lot of counters.  Below is a great video with Pedro Sauer showing how to sweep your opponent when he tries one of the most common counters.

Why This Sweep Works:

The reason that this sweep and pretty much every sweep works is because Pedro is putting his opponent’s weight where his opponent can’t base out.

A table with a leg missing may or may not stand, but as soon as there is some weight put over the missing leg, the table falls.

The same goes for any sweep.  If you can simply stop your opponent from basing out while shifting his weight in that same direction, he will be swept!

Become creative with sweeps while keeping those principles in mind. Some of the best sweeps that I’ve seen simply came because a grappler or fighter understood those principles and went for what was given to him.

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  • Shawn Deutch

    The principles at the end on the sweeps make a lot of sense.

  • Ricky Granada

    Where is the video?

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