BJJ Beast Mode: Terere vs Roger Gracie

by Tom Reynolds on April 15, 2011

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is often a lot more fun to do than to watch. Especially to the untrained eye, it can seem boring and bizarre. As a person progresses and learns more about BJJ, like with many things, watching high level grapplers can become addictive once the nuances are understood.

Terere and Roger Gracie are the Yin and Yang of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Terere is a much smaller, more dynamic and explosive grappler that thinks and competes outside of the box. He is incredibely explosive and crafty.

Roger is a larger, more fundamental grappler. His BJJ game is very controlling and methodical. It’s the dangerously successful step by step positioning that has earned him so many wins.

The BJJ match between Terere and Roger Gracie is one of those classic grappling matches that I can watch over and over again.

Keep in mind Roger outweighs Terere by 40 lbs in this match.

Some BJJ Highlights From Terere vs Roger Gracie:

  • Insane Kouchi Gari at 1:50. Watch how Terere pulls Roger’s leg in then explodes into the foot sweep.
  • Terere shows an incredible transition at 2:15. He backs off of half guard so that he can drive Roger’s knees to the opposite side.  He then switches his hips to pass. Roger goes into turtle to prevent the guard passing points so Terere immediately takes Roger’s back.
  • Another sick transition at 2:50. Roger starts to escape Terere’s choke attempt so Terere steps his right leg over and rolls right into an armbar.
  • The tides turn as Roger goes for a sloppy kneebar and recovers into the top in halfguard.  He uses his right shoulder to control Terere and eventually pass to mount.
  • Once Roger gets mount, it’s pretty much game over for anyone.  Watch how Roger threatens the neck constantly with arm triangles and cross chokes until he gets a higher and higher mount where he finishes with the cross choke.

I hope you guys enjoy this match as much as I do.  I’m going to be posting another classic on the Facebook page.

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  • Shawn Deutch

    His takedown was incredible. Terere just exploded into it.

    • Eric

      Terere reminds me a lot of Jacare. If you want to see explosive sweeps, either one of them are legendary in that department.

  • vince

    Hey Eric, when was that?

    • Eric

      2004 Mundial Absolute division. Incredible, classic match.

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