Bill Cooper – BJJ Phenom

by Tom Reynolds on July 12, 2011

Bill Cooper is a Jiu Jitsu wizard. I can’t stop watching his matches simply because he has so many sick techniques that he pulls off. Just got done watching this no-gi BJJ match in the June Grappler’s Quest and knew I had to post a breakdown.

Bill Cooper Breakdown – June 2011 Grappler’s Quest – No Gi BJJ

1:40 – Cooper goes for a flying triangle from the clinch. He does this by bringing his thigh up into the armpit of his opponent’s underhook. and passing his other leg over his opponent’s shoulder. He couldn’t break the posture so he wasted no time and went for the double leg into an attempted back take.

2:20 – His opponent had a paperclip half guard so Bill weaved his right arm in to block the bottom knee and start the guard pass. As soon as he started to pass, he circled all the way around looking for the armbar or sidemount, but he couldn’t stay low enough.

2:30 – Bill went from pulling half guard to kicking his leg over to a kneebar/upside down guard. As soon as his opponent put his right arm on the wrong side of Bill’s leg, Bill capatalized and sunk the triangle.

3:40 – To finish the triangle, Bill Cooper underhooked the leg which locks the choke.

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  • Frankie

    Here is his next match. Mike DeBiase (Thornwood MMA and Fitness) also seems like a BJJ Phenom considering the way he played versus Bill Cooper. Especially factor in that he is a competitive brown belt with only three years of training.  Check out the video

    • Rob

      I had the pleasure of being at this event and I have to say that Mike DeBiase looked awesome from his back. His guard is nearly impossible to pass, he is very fluid and his attacks are well disguised. In the first round he defeated a Renzo Gracie competitor on points and his guard looked phenomenal.  In the second match versus Bill Cooper his guard looked even better and I really thought he had Bill Cooper’s back at the beginning of his match with a slick de la riva trick. 

    • Ininja Net

      If anyone has a better video of the match please post!!! I was there also and Mike DeBiase vesus Bill Cooper is a must
      see grappling match.  Easily one of the most exciting fights of the night from that stacked advanced division
      back on 6/18/2011.

    • Patrick Ardent

      I was actually watching the Mike DeBiase vs. Bill Cooper match on fight tv… entertaining match! Mike can roll around the mat effortlessly.

  • Rob, I’m jealous.  It would have been great to be there.

    Ininja, I couldn’t find a better video unfortunately.

    Frankie and Patrick, thanks for commenting.

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