Best Kickboxing Fight of 2010: Zambidis vs Chahid

by Tom Reynolds on January 9, 2011

Zambidis vs Chahid – 2010 K-1 World Max Final 16

This is easily one of the most entertaining fights that I have ever seen.  It’s full of tight technique, intelligent strategy, and raw power. K-1 is the top of the line in kickboxing, and this is one of the best K-1 matches ever.

Part 1: Some things to watch for without spoiling too much:

Zambidis (Black Shorts) and Chahid (Red and Green Shorts)

  • Zambidis’ ability to change levels and work the body with hooks and uppercuts during his combinations.
  • Chahid’s ability to cut off the ring and use his front leg with power.  The front leg roundhouse is fast so it’s difficult to counter, and he still develops power from his hips by snapping them over.
  • Notice how all of the knock downs happen when someone’s body is out of position and they no longer have a strong stance.

(Rounds 1 and 2)

Part 2

  • A lot of the same, but watch how whoever controls the pace, typically controls the fight.  Some fighters push the pace while others slow the pace.  Figure out what your pace is and suck people into it.
  • Watch the counter at 7:27, it’s one of my favorites. The front roundhouse beats the rear roundhouse in speed just like a straight beats a hook.
  • Bodyshots are an investment. Oftentimes they don’t pay off right away.  You get your return later on if you’re consistent and patient.

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  • Steve L

    Dude, I can’t thank you enough for making posts like this. I have one question for you though. I thought that generally if someone can cut off the ring, they will win the match.

    So why is Chahid getting eaten up even though he controls the ring?

  • MmaToday

    Legit blog Eric.

    If I may, the reason Zambidis took this fight is because of what Eric said. Superior striking with the addition of the body strikes and the ability to control the pace of the fight are the reasons that Zambidis pulled off the win.

  • Eric

    Steve, I’m glad you’re enjoying the posts. It’s really my pleasure. Ring control is definitely important. The person that controls the center, definitely has an edge on the pace, isn’t using as much energy, and will have the better angles. Still though, it’s only one factor. Like MMA Today mentioned, superior striking, cardio, and body shots won this for Zambidis.

    MMA Today, I appreciate it.

  • Nicolaslyall

    bloody amazing fight the stamina of both fighters was emense! im 13 and my fist k1 fight is coming up soon and i hope its close to this good!!!

    • Eric


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