Arm Drag from the Clinch

by Tom Reynolds on February 10, 2011

The arm drag from the clinch is is easily one of the most underrated and underused techniques in MMA or wrestling.  I first started using this technique a few years back when I was watching some Russian wrestlers takedown their opponents over and over again with this setup.

The easiest way to teach this is from the over-under clinch, but it can work from pretty much any type of clinch.

How to arm drag from the clinch (assuming his right arm is the underhook):

  1. Sit your hips back and push his wrist down with your left hand.
  2. Now that his arm is off of you, pass his arm across your body slightly.
  3. With your left arm, grab the back of his shoulder.
  4. Twist your body hard, and reach around his back with your left arm.

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  • Lou Dobb

    This is great. Are you going to show any other takedowns from here?

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