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7 Great No-Gi Judo Throws for MMA – Shinya Aoki

by Tom Reynolds on February 22, 2011

Shinya Aoki is a martial arts guru. All across the world, especially in Japan, he is highly regarded. He is an A-Class Shootist and a blackbelt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Judo. Aoki is consistantly ranked in the top ten or top 5 of his weight class in MMA.

Here is breakdown of the throws found in the video at the bottom of the article:

Osoto Gari

  • Starts at :15

Osoto Gari is great when you can get even a moment of forward momentum.

The biggest detail that will make or break this throw is getting the off-balance. If you can’t get their weight onto the leg that you are sweeping, don’t try it or you will be off balance.

Ko Soto Gari

  • Starts at 2:00

Ko Soto Gari is a good foot sweep that I prefer to use to setup other throws.  It is also good to pick the ankle so that you can grab it with your hand.  Give the takedown a shot, but also understand that it works very well to setup the other throws in this video.

Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi

  • Starts at 3:00

This is another great foot sweep. There are two major schools of thought with this.

In this video, Shinya uses this as more of an upper body throw.  He is stepping in and torquing the opponent off balance.  That can work well.

Personally, I try to get my opponent to step, and I block their step with my instep.

Below is an example of me doing this a few years ago (it’s not necessary to fall to your hip like I did, that is just the way that works for me).

Harai Goshi

  • Starts at 4:20

This is the throw that Georges St Pierre hit on Matt Hughes.  Watch how Aoki pulls this off.  It’s beautiful.

The biggest detail that people miss out of this is the fact that this is mainly a hip throw. Don’t get carried away with the sweep with the leg.  Focus on getting his hips on top of yours then reaping the leg.

Uchi Mata

  • Starts at 5:40

This is a beautiful throw and is classic Judo. Don’t underestimate the importance of getting under your opponent and following through with his one!

I just posted one of the most incredible counters that I have ever seen on the Facebook page. It was of a Russian wrestler countering the Uchi Mata.  See it for yourself on the Couch2Cage fan page.

O Uchi Gari

  • Starts at 6:30

This is a great follow up to any of your main throws.  Start to go after a one armed throw. If they counter, you can go after this.


– Starts at 7:40

This is a basic takedown from the over under clinch that will bring you straight into the mount.

Make sure to watch the very end. Aoki shows himself using a few of the Judo throws in some BJJ matches and MMA fights.

Which throw was your favorite?

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  • Stefan Palmer

    You should post up more of your Judo matches!

  • Julioguevara89

    The video of Aoki is gone :/

  • Ale

    video doesn’t exist anymore!

  • Too bad the video is no longer up. Shinya’s game is great for no-gi Judo, and has been one of the influences for my own judo club, Earthbound Freestyle Judo, which is an adult no-gi Judo club in Selden, NY.

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