3 Great Fitness Gifts for Grapplers and Fighters

by Tom Reynolds on December 22, 2012

There have been a lot of people asking me for gift ideas so I thought I would throw a post together. Here are some of my go to fitness tools that I know a lot of people are big fans of.

TRX Bands

These cool little training bands were created by Navy Seals and used by a lot of fighters, grapplers, and people in the armed services. The workout progressions are pretty major. There are a lot of people that have never worked out before that can get a lot of use out of these.

Here’s a pretty cool video of Brandon Vera using the TRX bands. The first exercise is simulating a triangle choke. Pretty cool!

Fat Grips

Add these bad boys to any dumbbell, barbell, etc… and your forearms and grip will be screaming. All you do is slide the grips over any bar, and you’re ready. I personally like to save them for the end of a workout. If you use these in the beginning, your grip will be fried for the rest, and it’s hard to get any good work in.

Aero Speed Jump Rope

I haven’t used a jump rope since this one┬áthat is nearly as smooth. There is something about using a good jump rope with zero resistance that’s a lot of fun. Doing fifteen triple jumps in a row is pretty exhilarating. I’ve gifted this to a few people now and each one of them loved it. Take a look for yourself at the man in action.

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